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Calgary Vision Therapy Services

Below you’ll find a list of some of the key eye care services that our optometric practice offers.

  • Is your child struggling in school? One can have 20/20 eye-sight, but still have a functional vision problem due to an undetected visual skill deficit in the area of eye-teaming, eye-focusing and/or eye-tracking. Visual Skills Evaluation is ideal for age 6- adults.
  • This assesses how the brain interprets what the eyes see. For age 6 years and older.
  • In-depth binocular vision testing for patients with lazy eye or eye-turn. Testing can be performed for all ages, starting from 6 months to adults and seniors.
  • Ideal for children 3-6 years old, or older patients with developmental disabilities such as Autistic Spectrum Disorder.
  • A custom set of eye-brain exercises to prevent, treat and/or enhance visual skills.
  • A tool that many professional/elite athletes take advantage of, but do not openly share with others.
  • Answers to the three most common questions asked by parents.
  • A program for kindergarten children.
  • Options to control progression of nearsightedness.
  • A possible option for patients with lazy eye (amblyopia) who cannot wear glasses and/or contacts. 
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