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Visual Perceptual Evaluation

A set of standardized tests is used to evaluate your child’s ability to process visual information. This helps us understand whether your child’s struggles with learning new words, reading and/or math have a visual component. Below are the various aspects of vision that may evaluated. Because vision is a learned skill, we can train and improve the accuracy and efficiency of visual perception through a program of vision therapy.

The following areas may be assessed:

  • Visualization – the ability to form mental image and the ability to manipulate details in one’s mind. Important in reading comprehension and math.
  • VisualMotor Integration – evaluates the ability to match motor output with visual input. Crucial for handwriting accuracy and efficiency.
  • Visual Sequential Memory – the ability to remember objects or words in the sequence they appear. Deficit in this area may result in misreading words such as ‘saw’ and ‘was.’
  • Spatial Orientation – required in understanding and recognizing the direction of objects. Deficit in this area lead to letter (b, d, p, q) and number (6 vs. 9) reversals.
  • Spatial relations – the ability to perceive the position of two or more objects in relation to each other and in relation to oneself. An important skill in problem-solving, high-level math, and proper spacing between words when writing a sentence.
  • Visual Discrimination – the ability to differentiate between two similar looking objects, shapes or words such as ‘horse’ and ‘house.’
  • Visual Closure – ability to visualize a complete whole when given incomplete information or a partial picture. Important skill in speed reading and math.



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