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Calgary Sports Vision Training


New Updates! Our clinic has the state-of-the-art Nike Sparq Vapor Strobe Glasses (watch the video by clicking the banner), FITLIGHT, Sanet Vision Integrator and Vision Therapy System (VTS4), a 50″ 3D touch screen program for Sports Vision Training.

Nike Sparq Strobe Calgary Sports Training Glasses

Research shows that over 80% of what we learn comes from the visual system. That percentage goes up even more when one is talking about sports because the eyes direct the dynamic movement of the body. Statistics taken from sports vision screenings at the Olympic level show that those athletes that brought home medals were those that had the best visual systems.

If you want that “cutting edge,” a Sports Vision Assessment is crucial. It evaluates how quickly and effectively an athlete’s two eyes track, focus and aim under stress. This is known as ‘binocular vision’ testing. Even a minor deficit or delay in eye muscle movement can greatly affect one’s ability to process visual information, judge depth perception, and react quickly. Note that a binocular vision assessment is more telling of one’s visual potential compared to simply reading the letters on an eye chart. “20/20” eye sight only describes how small you can see, but there are 17 other visual skills required for maximum sports performance. Click picture to see video below.

Nashville Predators Vision Training Play Chris Pronger concussion vision training play

Secondly, athletes are at higher risk of getting a concussion. When not treated in a timely manner, it can affect sports performance and activities of daily living. Since over 50% of the brain pathways are related to vision, a concussion can result in many visual symptoms. This includes light sensitivity, eye strain, difficulty tracking and focusing, double vision and/or dizziness. A baseline vision evaluation using the King-Devick test and computerized assessments will detect athletes with a concussion more quickly since not all athletes reliably report their symptoms. In the event of a concussion, the same tests are retaken yielding comparative scores from before and after the injury.

Many athletes are amazed at how their performance can be predicted based on the findings from a Sports Vision Assessment. If an athlete is having trouble taking it to the next level in their particular sport even after stepping up training in other areas, they may just have a visual problem limiting their success.


Sports Vision Training Calgary

Sports Vision Training works on improving the visual abilities of an athlete that are most necessary for excellence in their sport. It is a customized progressive set of exercises training the eyes to move more accurately and quickly, and training the brain to visualize and project movements in space and time. Further, we are also training dynamic visual acuity, visual reaction time, eye-hand coordination and peripheral vision.

All activities are done on a sport specific basis with a custom tailored program for each sport and athlete, helping you achieve the “cutting edge.” Many professional teams such as the Toronto Raptors and individual athletes such as Devan Dubnyk, Bryce Harper and Larry Fitzgerald invest the time to ensure their visual skills are maximized. Our clinic utilizes the Nike Sparq Strobe Glasses, FITLIGHT, Sanet Vision Integrator and Vision Therapy System (VTS4), a 50″ 3D touch screen program, to train the aforementioned visual skills. Sports Vision Training also help with reducing post-concussion vision syndrome.

Sports Vision Training in the news

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