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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to be referred to your clinic to have an assessment?

A: No, you are more than welcome to self-refer. The benefit of a referral is that your doctor can make recommendations for specific tests.

Q: What is the cost for an assessment?

A: Children (under 18 years): $298

Adults: $398

Q: Is vision therapy covered by Alberta Health Care?

A: Similar to physiotherapy, vision therapy is unfortunately not covered.

Q: Will my insurance cover vision therapy?

A: Your insurance may cover vision therapy, you will simply have to call your provider in advance and ask specifically about vision therapy/rehabilitation coverage. Although we are unable to directly bill any insurance for vision therapy, we do provide you with an insurance package at the end of the assessment for you to submit.

Q: Do you provide vision therapy on assignment (make agreements to accept payment after claims have been resolved)?

A: No, we do not provide any vision therapy services on agreement that we will accept payment after claims are resolved. We are able to communicate directly with law firms to arrange pre-payments.

Q: Where will my assessment take place?

A:All assessments are done at our Bridgeland location (Address: Suite 5, 1010 1st Ave NE)

Q: How long are the assessments?

A: First Appointment: ~30 minutes
Second Appointment: 45-60 minutes

Q: Can I do both parts of the assessment the same day?

A: Our assessments are done over two separate days to allow time for results to be analyzed between the two appointments.

For TBI assessments, the first part of the assessment may elicit those post-concussion symptoms therefore two parts ensure patients do not get overwhelmed with symptoms.

Q: Do I get to choose which doctor I see?

A: All of our doctors work closely together to provide care for vision therapy patients. But in order to provide timely care we may recommend you see a different doctor to provide the quickest access to our services.

Q: Which locations can I have my vision therapy sessions at?

A: ABridgeland, Panorama and Douglasdale. Placement depends upon your diagnosis and availability at each individual clinic.

Q: How many sessions of vision therapy will I need?

A: Number of sessions is unique to each patient, as it is dependent on many factors. Mild conditions may only require a few sessions, moderate conditions may require ~ 16-24 sessions, and severe visual impairments may require more.

Q: Do you check my progress throughout my vision therapy program?

A: Yes, midway through your vision therapy program you will see the doctor for a progress evaluation to see how your visual skills have improved. Your vision therapist will do more frequent progress checks with you during your vision therapy sessions to monitor you as well.

Q: I live far away from the clinic, what options do I have for therapy?

A: For patients that live far away, we may be able to offer either Zoom weekly sessions with one of our vision therapists or a computerized home therapy program (depending on the diagnosis).

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