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Referring to Vision Therapy Calgary

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A complimentary relationship that can change your patient’s life.

Dear Respected Colleague,

Thank you for entrusting your patients under our care. At Vision Therapy Calgary, we provide complete diagnostic and therapeutic care for children and adults with oculomotor, accommodative, binocular vision (convergence insufficiency) and visual perceptual dysfunctions (learning disabilities). We also provide vision therapy for strabismus, amblyopia, learning disabilities, acquired or traumatic brain injury-related (TBI) vision problems, and sports vision training.

After receiving a referral for a functional vision assessment, our staff will contact the patient (via phone and email) to book an appointment. Initial assessments are performed at our Bridgeland location, and patients may choose to attend vision therapy sessions at one of the three locations (Bridgeland, Panorama Hills or Douglasdale). For certain conditions, we can offer virtual sessions via Zoom for those who do not have easy access to our clinic. If vision therapy is recommended, the patient will participate in weekly,  in-office sessions (37 minutes in duration) usually for a period of several months, but may take up to a year.

Our doctors abides by the COVD Referral Protocol and Ethics. Upon completion of the assessment and vision therapy, we will send a report and refer patients back to the referring doctor for all vision care including prescription eyewear and routine eye exams.

Click here to download the VT Referral Form to ease and expedite patient referrals. If you are unsure if your patient needs therapy or not, complete this Patient Symptom Survey. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at (403) 269-9579 or email us here.

Exclusion criteria for vision therapy: Esotropia greater than 15pd, cortical visual impairment, and non-verbal patients.

We look forward to co-managing future patients with you.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Debbie Luk & Associates
Residency-Trained and Board-Certified in Binocular Vision & Vision Therapy
Canadian College of Specialties in Optometry Board Member

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