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Amblyopia/Strabismus Evaluation

Strabismus (eye turn) and Amblyopia (lazy eye) are disorders of binocular vision, resulting in reduced depth perception. During this exam, we measure the relative position of your two eyes as well as the size, frequency and direction of your eye-turn if present. A variety of tests using liquid-crystal, red-green and polarized 3D glasses are used to determine your brain’s ability to ‘fuse’ the images from your two eyes for depth perception to take place. Further, we measure the flexibility and range of inward (convergence) and outward (divergence) eye-teaming movements which is an important skill when playing sports or copying from the board. Your eyes may also be dilated in order to determine a more accurate prescription of your eyes and to evaluate your eye health. The results from these testing will let us know what the best treatment options are for you, whether it is prescription glasses or contact lenses, prism lenses, vision therapy and/or eye-muscle surgery.

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