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Dr. Rachel Bryant BSc(Hons), MSc, OD

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Born and raised in Alberta, Dr. Rachel Bryant graduated with top honours from the University of Alberta with her Bachelor’s degree in Honours Neuroscience. It was through her education in neuroscience and her experience as a research assistant in anocular physiology lab that she became interested in vision science. This scientific curiosity combined with a passion for helping people led Dr. Bryant on the path to optometry. Following her undergraduate studies, Dr. Bryant attended the Pacific University College of Optometry, earning a dual Doctor of Optometry and Master’s in Vision Science degree with distinction.

Having been a vision therapy patient herself, Dr. Bryant has a special interest in this area of study and practice. She dedicated her Master’s degree to furthering her knowledge of binocular vision disorders. Outside of research, Dr. Bryant worked as a teaching assistant for vision therapy courses at Pacific University and volunteered her time for an afterschool program providing vision therapy to school-aged children.

Dr. Bryant has completed clinical rotations in multiple settings, including a specialty vision therapy clinic in Denver, Colorado as well as a private practice in British Columbia. Dr. Bryant further trained at a Veterans Affairs Hospital in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Additionally, she has volunteered her time providing eye exams at community outreach events and interdisciplinary diabetes clinics. Through these diverse clinical settings, she has had the opportunity to connect with and gain experience addressing the visual needs of patients of all ages. Dr. Bryant has experience treating pediatric vision disorders, binocular vision problems, ocular disease, as well as fitting contact lenses.

These rich clinical experiences paired with Dr. Bryant’s research background fuels her patient care philosophy. Dr. Bryant works to address each patient’s visual system as a whole through evidence-based practices, providing the highest standard of care to every patient who sits in her chair.

When she is not working in the clinic, Dr. Bryant enjoys spending time in the great outdoors hiking, camping, skiing, and exploring the beauty of nature.

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