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Vision Therapists

Our exceptional, friendly staff is our greatest asset. They are excited about what they do, and they care personally about getting the best results for our patients.

Dr. Kirandeep Sidhu, BSc, OD

Vision Therapist and Research Assistant

Dr. Kirandeep Sidhu was born and raised in Calgary. Her interest in optometry peaked early as she underwent corrective surgery and vision therapy for strabismus and amblyopia at a very young age. After obtaining a degree in Biological Science from the University of Calgary, Dr. Sidhu went on to attend Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences University. Her performance while completing her Doctorate of Optometry earned her a spot on the Beta Sigma Kappa international honour society, as well as a faculty nominated award for Clinical Excellence. Dr. Sidhu completed multiple externships across the United States, including those in vision therapy, both pediatric and adult low vision, and primary care. She was also able to gain experience in the use of amniotic membranes for ocular surface disease management and myopia control via Ortho-K lenses. Dr. Sidhu is interested in broadening her knowledge of vision therapy and sports vision, as well as pursuing research and development in the optometric field. During her free time, she enjoys hiking, meditating, and spending time with family and friends. Dr. Sidhu is fluent in English and Punjabi.


Kristen Bushell, BKin

Vision Therapist

After receiving her Bachelor of Kinesiology from the University of Calgary, Kristen Bushell had a keen interest in helping others perform at their best. Her role as a Vision Therapist coincides with her skills and allows her to continue to learn with each patient she meets. She loves seeing her patients' growth each week and is a strong advocate for everyone's recovery. In her personal life, Kristen is a semi-professional Ukrainian Dancer with the Tryzub Ukrainian Dance Ensemble. She has travelled and performed on stages all across the world! Outside of dance, Kristen loves hiking, bike riding, and travelling.


Caroline Yee, BSc

Vision Therapist

Caroline works with children, adults, and traumatic brain injury victims in correcting binocular dysfunction. When both of our eyes work as a team, we can see objects with clarity and depth, in focus. This is her aim in her field of work. This eye teaming can be a challenge, but it can be overcome with the right training provided. Caroline has been working in Calgary for over 5 years with families and adults who have binocular problems. She is passionate about what she does, which drives her in helping her patients achieve normal visual function. Caroline has a Bachelor of Science and previously worked in a radiopharmaceutical research company in Edmonton. With this background, she loves to research for better and more adaptable ways to help provide appropriate vision therapy exercises for patients of all ages. She enjoys quiet walks in the park or in the mountains to refresh her mind and soul. She also loves to sing, and has a cheerful and thankful spirit. With that, she can cheer her patients on in their efforts to overcome their visual challenges.


Terry Blanchard

Vision Therapist

Born in Kirkland Lake Ontario. Terry is a former snowboard racer, instructor and coach, Musician Institute Alumni where he earned an Associate Arts Degree in Percussion Performance and SR AA Goaltender. Terry’s interests in vision therapy sparked when he sustained a concussion through sport, and attended and completed the vision therapy program. Terry has a passion for athletic development ranging from youth to elite athletes. He hopes to use his background and knowledge to help others achieve their goals of maximizing their visual potential through therapy or get back to everyday life. In his spare time, Terry enjoys snowboarding and cooking.


Cierra Clark, BSc

Vision Therapist

Cierra partakes in her role as a Vision Therapist with excitement, drawing on knowledge and experience acquired in her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Calgary. She is committed to making therapy a tailor-made growing experience unique to her patients’ needs and personalities. Each achievement, no matter how small, will be celebrated along the way. She has a particular interest in Traumatic Brain Injury and concussion, and enjoys learning from other clinicians while advocating for a multi-disciplinary approach towards whole body treatment and healing. Outside the office, you can find her enjoying coffee, brunch and board games with friends and family as well as appreciating the outdoors in all four seasons with her husband and two dogs.


Jennifer Rainbow

Licensed Optician, Vision Therapist

Jennifer started in the optical industry in 1989 and by 1991 became a licensed optician. She discovered vision therapy when her eldest daughter was struggling to read.  Her daughter was often reversing or omitting simple words and complained that reading made her tired. Jennifer had all three of her daughters tested and two of them required vision therapy. Seeing their results sparked an interest in the field of vision therapy for Jennifer. Now that her children are in university, she is excited to be working in a field that she is so passionate about.


Linda Thai, BKin

Vision Therapist

Linda originally wanted to become a pediatrician before falling in love with Vision Therapy due to the close and more intimate relationships she is able to develop with her patients. With a Bachelor of Kinesiology degree obtained from the University of Calgary with a focus on physiotherapy and her 7+ years of volunteer work, Linda has a passion for learning and helping others. She has a big heart and sincerely wishes for her patient's full recovery, which is evident in the work that she does with them. She strives to make her activities tailored and enjoyable for her patients while encouraging a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach. You can find her celebrating each milestone her patients achieve with each session always ending on a positive note. The best part of her role as a Vision Therapist is being able to witness first hand how much the quality of life of her patients has improved over the course of their time with her. In her free time, Linda enjoys spending her day with her nieces and nephews, reading to expand her knowledge, cleaning and organizing as well as spending as much time outdoors as she can with her loved ones.


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