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Caroline Yee, BSc

Caroline Yee
Vision Therapist

Caroline works with children, adults, and traumatic brain injury victims in correcting binocular dysfunction. When both of our eyes work as a team, we can see objects with clarity and depth, in focus. This is her aim in her field of work. This eye teaming can be a challenge, but it can be overcome with the right training provided. Caroline has been working in Calgary for over 5 years with families and adults who have binocular problems. She is passionate about what she does, which drives her in helping her patients achieve normal visual function. Caroline has a Bachelor of Science and previously worked in a radiopharmaceutical research company in Edmonton. With this background, she loves to research for better and more adaptable ways to help provide appropriate vision therapy exercises for patients of all ages. She enjoys quiet walks in the park or in the mountains to refresh her mind and soul. She also loves to sing, and has a cheerful and thankful spirit. With that, she can cheer her patients on in their efforts to overcome their visual challenges.

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