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Making Learning Fun!

Game Bsaed Learning Vision Brain Training

Therapists, educators, and parents realize the benefits of games have on learning.  Game based learning (GBL) is designed to balance learning and fun!  They satisfy our fundamental need to learn by providing enjoyment, motivation and creativity.

Below are some educational games hand picked by Dr. Luk to assist in visual perception development and overall cognitive processing speed. These entertaining games will build self esteem and self confidence. Plus, it will benefit the mind everytime one plays with it. These brain games are great for children, and also those who suffer from traumatic brain injuries (TBI) or post concussion syndrome. Enjoy!

Skills emphasised include: visual closure, discrimination, visual memory, visual motor integration, visual spatial planning and visual reasoning.
B = Beginner (3-5 yrs), I = Novice (5-8yrs), A = Advance (8 yrs+)

IPad (iOS)/ Android Game:

GeoBee! (B/I/A)
Board Games:

Abacolour Balls or Shapes (B)

Adams Cube (A)

Battleship (A)

Blue Orange Pixy Cube (I)

Camelot Junior Multi-Level Logic Game (B/I)

Chocolate Fix (A)

Colour Code (I/A)

Connect Four (I/A)

Create-A-Maze Toy (I)

Day and Night by Smart Games (B)

Fantacolour Junior (B)

Guess Who (I)

iTrax Critical Thinking Game (I)

I Spy has many variations. (B/I/A)

Izzi (A)

Kandoodle (A)

Kandoodle Jr (I)

Katamino (A)

Lauri Stringing Peg and Pegboard Set (B)

Magnetic Mighty Mind Zoo Adventure (B/I)

Marble Run (I)

Magnoformers (B/I)

Mastermind (A)

Miniland 20mm Pegs (B)

Melissa & Doug Pattern Blocks and Boards (B)

Mental Blox Critical Thinking Game (B)

Mighty Mind (B/I)

Pirate Hide and Seek (A)

Quantumino (A)

Qbitz (A)

River Crossing (A)

Rory`s Story Cubes (I/A)

Rushhour (A)


Sequence (I)

Shape by Shape (A)

Simon (I)

Spot It Jr or Spot It Alphabet (B)

Tangrams (I)

Trucky 3 (B)

Weird n Wacky Contraption Lab (I)

3D Feel & Find (B/I)

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